Sunday, June 12, 2011

Worst Delivery Service Ever!

What makes a delivery/courier service the worst?  Well, losing a package alone won't put a company in that category, because if they are able to track it and determine where it went, the package may eventually get to where it's supposed to go!  What makes a shitty delivery service is one that employs deliverymen that lie to your face (and try to sneak away from your house after realizing they left your package at the wrong house) and has customer service reps that lie to you/mislead you as to how the sender will be notified.
I ordered a package from online and two days later I received an email that said "delivered."  Guess what - it wasn't delivered.  The courier service that was used - LASERSHIP - had delivered the package to the wrong address.  I called customer service and they said they'd send the driver out to figure out what went wrong.  An hour later, someone quietly opened the door without knocking, posts a hand-written message saying, "I Was Here," and then tried to run back to his car without me knowing.  The dude was too slow, because I caught him, and asked him what the hell this was:

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