Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movie Club Membership (ca. 1991)

Remember the days of PAYING for membership to a video rental store? Not long after that, once the cost of VCRs came down, the video stores needed to decrease (and eventually eliminate) the cost of membership. Coconuts was a short-lived chain in my area (Cleveland) that had the usual overpriced CDs and cassettes, and as they scraped for any way to make money, they came up with a video-rental business.

Here is my illustrious membership card, now forever preserved online, for you to gawk at.

Note to basketball fans: Around this time, I had a Greg Anthony (New York Knicks guard) poster on my wall. I started copying the way he signed his "G" (with the double loop you see above) and continue to do so nearly 20 years later.

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